Keep These Sly Animals Out of Your Home

Keep These Sly Animals Out of Your Home

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Did you know there could be up to 20 raccoons within a square block of your neighborhood in the Hickman, Malcolm, Ashland, Waverly, or Lincoln, NE area? This means that a lot of raccoons could decide to make your house their home. Prevent raccoons from moving in with you by reaching out to Animal Damage Trapping & Exclusion. We offer safe, humane raccoon control.

During every raccoon removal service, we:

Set identification traps
Remove all trapped raccoons
Take the raccoons off-site

Before we move forward with your raccoon control, we'll answer all your questions and let you know exactly what to expect. Trust our team to make all your raccoon problems disappear. Schedule a raccoon control appointment today.

Raccoons can be persistent

During every raccoon removal service, we make sure to close up any potential entry points in your house. They're very persistent animals when it comes to where they live. By making sure every potential entrance is secure, you can feel confident that raccoons will find a new home somewhere else.

Rely on our team of experts when you need raccoon control. Call 402-430-7041 now to schedule an appointment.