Admire Birds and Bats From Afar

Admire Birds and Bats From Afar

Learn more about our bat exclusion service in Waverly, Malcolm, Hickman & Lincoln, NE

Birds are pleasant to watch fly by your window, but when they're living inside your house, they're not nearly as entertaining. When you have a bird or bat problem, turn to Animal Damage Trapping & Construction. Through our bird and bat exclusion services, we'll safely remove all pests from your home in Hickman, Malcolm, Waverly & Lincoln, NE or surrounding areas. Contact our team today to schedule bat removal service.

We place an emphasis on education

When you have bats and birds in your home, you want to remove them and not have the same problem again. Through our bat exclusion services, we'll remove the bats that have made your house a home and teach you how to prevent them from coming back. We use specially made tubes that allow bats and birds to leave your home but not re-enter it.

Through our bird and bat removal service, you'll learn exactly how to protect your home moving forward. Call us at 402-430-7041 today to learn more.