The Only Critters in Your Home Should Be Your Pets

The Only Critters in Your Home Should Be Your Pets

Reach out to us when you need mice removal service in Malcolm, Waverly, Hickman & Lincoln, NE

Having little critters running around your home is nice and endearing when they're your pets. If they aren't, it's gross, and you want them taken care of immediately. Animal Damage Trapping & Construction offers mice removal services to remove every mouse from your house in Hickman, Malcolm, Waverly & Lincoln, NE or the vicinity.

We use an aluminum machine to cover holes in your home so mice can't return. Reach out to our team today to schedule mice control so you can get back to enjoying a pest-free home.

We'll prevent mice from coming back

Our mice control process is aimed at removing your current infestation and protecting your home against future ones. Our team will:

Remove all the mice from your home
Inspect and secure open holes and areas where mice entered your house
Cover your other potential entryways to prevent more mice from entering

If we don't remove all the mice from your home the first time, we'll continue to come back until the problem is under control. Contact us today to schedule mice removal service.